Let's get this potty started

I started writing this while at my in-laws' cabin, watching Holly & her older cousins play. It's so hard to take a busy toddler away from so much fun just to go sit on the "potty". I am sure the logic seems insane to kids, "hey, I know you are having fun & have a diaper to pee in, but let's now stop playing & use the toilet instead!", why would they even want to do that. How does anyone successfully potty-train a toddler without making them feel trapped or stopping all the fun?

We have been off & on trying to train Holly for months. Some days it seems like we've done it, no accidents all day. We have even had days where she holds it for the park & errand running until we can get to a bathroom, & at home she will even occasionally ask to go instead of being reminded, but other days, she pees through every pair of panties & even straight up pees on my couch. Her inconsistency is maddening! We are lucky however that she has been fully "#2" trained for ages. When it comes to pooping, she just stops what she's doing, goes to the washroom & next thing I know I hear a voice, "mommy, I pooped!" I have to say, if she's trained in anything I am so very glad it is poop! There is nothing more potent than toddler poop.

In the beginning, we tried the all naked all the time, sit on the potty every 15 minutes, treats every time she successfully went, sticker chart, etc. You name it, we tried it. Now all I am doing is second guessing myself, am I being to lenient? Am I pushing too hard? I know she knows what to do, she just seems to not bother or generally not care to try. Her newest thing is to bring a pull-up downstairs with her in the morning because she FINALLY hates the feeling of a wet diaper, so hopefully that means the end is nigh. She will be 3 in September, so I am really hoping to have her fully trained by then.

If any one has any advice, or has tricks that worked for you, please, let me know!

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