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Updated: Oct 23, 2019

If you follow me (us) on Instagram, you will know that I'm the lucky mama of a busy, bouncy two year old girl, Holly & I recently had a second daughter, Penny, almost four months ago now (*cries because time moves too quickly). I'll admit that it has been a huge challenge, & source of some serious mom-guilt, finding the time to be one on one with Penny & help her little mind & body grow. Holly is very patient & a wonderful big sister, but, being 2, she requires a lot of attention & play time or she becomes a little gremlin & in turn, brings out the cranky in me too, so often Penny is the one who loses out.

Penny chilling in the sensory duck pond

Thankfully, a wonderful new company called Lullaland has just started up in my city & it's just the thing for Penny & I! Lullaland runs sensory classes for babies based on their developmental stage; Lullanewborns, for babies newborn to sitting unassisted, & Lullababies, for babies sitting up to taking their first steps. Their classes are a wonderful & peaceful place to spend quality time with your baby while nurturing their development. Every class is a little different with a new theme every week. You & your baby fly off to Lullaland where you explore baby's senses.

I was lucky enough to get to try the Lullanewborns class with Penny, & I loved having the relaxing time to bond with her. Every class we start with a little mama (or caregiver) self care before we get the chance to soothe, relax & bond with our babies through some infant massage. Then we take off to Lullaland for our themed adventure.

Just a few of the cute themed costumes we got to wear (Olympics, disco party & duckies in a pond)

The delightful Denise guides you through sensory exploration with sunrises, fun props, lights & beautiful sounds & music.

Can't get enough of the bubbles!

It made my heart so happy to watch Penny take in new experiences with such focus & many little smiles. Another bonus to a Lullaland class is a room full of other adults (mostly moms, but other caregivers too) who also have wee babes in the same developmental stage. The babies get to "socialize" with the other babies in a safe environment & it's super cute to watch the smiles & hear the coos as they do. I won't lie, during the first half of the class, Penny is far more intrigued with other moms & their babes than she is with me.

Tracking the light like a champ

Every class ends with a quiet down period, with the lights down low, some soft calming music & an eye tracking exercise with a fun prop that lights up. We leave every class feeling content, relaxed & happy. Penny is so tuckered out & calm after class that she generally falls asleep before I can even exit the building.

I highly recommend a Lullaland class for any parents with new babes out there. Whether it be your first wee one, second babe, or last little, it truly is the perfect way to make sure you get that precious one on one time without any interruptions or stress. You don't even have to worry if it's an off day for your babe, or just too much stimulation. Everything is baby run, so it's more than fine if you just need to stop, take a break & cuddle. Long story short, a Lullaland class is a wonderful way for you to get to bond with your baby. In fact, a class would be a perfect gift for new parents! (hint: Mother's day & Father's Day are on their way)

Check out Lullaland & take a gander at the classes they offer on their website. They are currently open for registering babies for their Early Summer Term. If the classes don't sell out (they did in the Spring however, so watch out!), you can request a trial class for just $10. Make sure to follow Lullaland on Instagram to be the first to know about special events & registration! PS- keep your eyes peeled on their Instagram page for a special Father's Day Event!

Tummy time at the pond

Just a few more bonus pictures of Penny enjoying her time in Lullaland!

Loving the balloons

sounds are a big part of these classes too

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