The Perfect Baby Burrito

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Swaddling Penny in our super soft Bamboo Mini Tipi Swaddle - Picture by Photography by Michelle

Did you or do you swaddle your baby?

I found that swaddling both of my girls, especially when they were new, helped them settle quickly & stay asleep longer. A good swaddle keeps that startle reflex at bay, keeps baby warm & cozy with the added bonus of it being super cute.

Back when Holly was a baby, I was lucky enough to connect with a Canadian small shop called MiNi TiPi. MiNi TiPi is run by two wonderful women, Mel & Trish, who started the business together in 2016. Their shop carries a variety of practical items including these beautiful bamboo swaddles.

Some of the biggest concerns when swaddling a baby into that cute baby burrito can be are they too hot? and is the swaddle too tight? The nice thing about MiNi TiPi's bamboo swaddles is that they are ridiculously soft, & super stretchy , leaving some give even when done tightly. They are also 95% bamboo making them temperature regulating, so there's little worry about the baby's temperature.

Swaddling does take some practice; legs & arms must be kept straight, getting it tight enough so they don't break free, but not too tight it restricts their chest, etc. But once you get the hang of swaddling, it can be a game changer!

If you would like to see a video on how to swaddle your baby, follow this link or click on the picture below to the MiNi TiPi Facebook page where Mel & Trish show you how!

Find out more about MiNi TiPi at their Facebook page or Instagram!

I'm still getting into my blog groove, if you have any questions or comments, if like instructional videos (or hate them) please let me know!

- Emily

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