The World's Biggest (virtual) Play date!

Today is Little Tikes World's Biggest Playdate! (vitural addition. Today is all about playing BIG even in this crazy times.

Little Tikes has a bunch of free downloadable activities for you to do HERE.

I am one of the hosts today, & I also put together some activity buckets Holly & I dropped at people's door steps so they could join in on the BIG fun! Since I cannot do this for everyone, below I have included the supplies needed & instructions for what I sent out (don't worry, MOST of this is likely in your house already!

Activity #1: Pick a Flower! (better for preschool age & up, but littles can still have fun without the rules )

Supplies needed:

· Flower instruction sticks (cut 5 flower shapes from construction paper, glue to Popsicle sticks, write on each 1 of 5 instructions: HOP, SKIP, GALLOP, JUMP LIKE A FROG & RUN)

· Mini flower pots (or cups)

· 2 ground markers (whatever you have on hand: cones, chalk mark, a toy, etc)

How to play:

FIRST WAY—back & forth (just fun!)

· Set up 2 markers far across from each other

· Parent/reading kiddo picks a flower, says it aloud & the players do what it says from one marker to the next! (ex. HOP! Kiddos hop from one marker to the other) SECOND WAY— it’s a race!

· Set up a start and finish for each kiddo (or team)

· Place flower pot at the finish line

· Kids run to the pot, pick a flower & do action back to the start, repeat until 1st person picks all of their flowers (ex. Run to pot, pick flower—it says skip, skip to starting line, put flower down, run to pot, repeat)

Activity #2: Bubble Snakes! (minor adult assembly required)

Supplies needed:

· Empty Plastic Bottle

· Sock

· Scissors

· Bubble Mix (recipe I used here)


· Cut bottom off the plastic bottle (adult job)

· Place the sock over the bottom hole, nice and tight!

· Dip into bubble solution, blow, & make “bubble snakes”

Activity #3: Splash & Splat! (Just getting wet! Fun for everyone)

Supplies needed:

· Sponge bombs (cut basic sponges into 8 strips, elastic together)

· Big Bucket or bowl

· Water (can add soap for fun)

Pretty self explanatory, fill bucket with water (& soap if you’d like), add sponges, then splash, splat, scrub, throw!

We hope you guys have fun with these little activities!

If you’d like these, feel free to share pics with us or tag us on IG ( so we can see!

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