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Who am I?

My name is Emily, I'm a blogger, baker & content Creator.  I am also the mother to two sweet girls, & the wife of an Aerospace Engineer.  We live in lovely (although sometimes quite chilly) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

I have been brand rep/brand ambassador for small shops since my oldest was a few months old. Over the years I've gained social media experience & have developed the skills to promote & help the brands I work with engage with a target audience of other women/parents like myself.

Who is my audience?
Who is my audience?

The majority of my followers are women, specifically mothers & mother-run handmade businesses.  The content I create appeals to this social media generation & is easy for them to relate to. 

My audience is 95% women, the majority of which are located in North America. I also have a small portion of followers located in the UK & Australia. My content tends to reach followers in the age range of 25-44.

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